Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication


We introduced you to the topic of adrenal fatigue. When the body is in a persistent stressed state, the adrenal glands aren’t able to keep pace with the body’s needs. When this happens, adrenal fatigue can result. One may be chronically tired, suffer from body aches, low blood pressure, and even hair loss.

Dr. Cole’s Research


For more than 20 years, Dr. Cole worked with patients who experienced the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. They had lost their vitality—felt drained, were chronically tired and depressed, and were dreading life. To address their symptoms, Dr. Cole created a concoction of all-natural ingredients that she informally called “vitamin in a can.” The herbs in this balm were all high in mineral content. People who couldn’t take such products orally were finally able to acquire important vitamins and minerals through the skin.


After using Dr. Cole’s “vitamin in a can” for sometimes just a week or two, her patients reported that their energy had returned to normal levels. Their alertness had increased. And, they got through the day without needing a nap. Even patients who were undergoing chemo treatments found that they had more energy, and even regrew their hair quickly.


What was once known as “vitamin in a can” has today become Vitality Boost Balm.


What is Vitality Boost Balm?


Vitality Boost works just as its name suggests—it boosts your energy and enhances your mood while being chock full of highly effective herbs to support your adrenal system. Here are just a few of its key ingredients.


ashwagandha – this is the #1 herb known to support the adrenals. It calms the brain, lowers blood pressure, and helps the body resist both physical and mental stress.


green tea – this antioxidant, anti-aging ingredient supports the immune system and boosts energy levels


rosemary – this fragrant plant is a rich antioxidant. It also neutralizes harmful particles in the blood, called free radicals. 


lavender – lavender essential oil helps to calm the nervous system, improve your mood, and lower your blood pressure 


pine – pine essential oil energizes the body without stimulating it unnecessarily


red clover – balances various body systems and acts as an internal cleanser


Not only does Vitality Boost Balm support the immune and adrenal systems naturally, it’s even effective with nursing mothers. The raspberry leaves aid in milk production and overall milk flow. And, the vitamins and herbs it contains give nursing mothers much needed energy.