Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication


We introduced you to our newest product—Vitality Boost Balm. This energy-enhancer supports your adrenal system when you are chronically tired, and perhaps even suffering from body aches, lightheadedness, skin discoloration, or loss of body hair. Vitality Boost Balm gives your body much needed minerals and antioxidants, and quickly helps return your exhausted body to a balanced state.

How to Enjoy a Daily Energy Boost


Vitality Boost Balm makes you feel refreshed and energetic. So, it’s best to apply the balm first thing in the morning.


Simply rub the balm across the adrenal glands on both sides of your lower back. You also can massage it behind your kneecaps (your “knee pits”), where lymph nodes pick it up quickly and send it through the body. Or, apply it to the inside of the wrists, and anywhere else where blue veins appear near the surface of the skin.


If you’re lacking energy and fighting an illness, consider applying Vitality Boost Balm again at lunch time.

If You’re Fighting Cancer


Dr. Cole notes that many of her patients came to her feeling drained, tired, and desperately fatigued as a result of chemotherapy. The chemo treatments were stripping the life force from their bodies. Dr. Cole encouraged the use of Vitality Boost Balm to restore energy by nourishing their depleted immune systems with much-needed minerals and vitamins. It also helped in healing and repairing the body from the trauma of chemo and radiation. And, it even aided in hair regrowth after loss due to treatment.


Cancer patients may easily go through an entire tin of Vitality Boost Balm every week to meet the body’s needs. Apply the balm to the thyroid area (throat), chest, abdomen, inner thighs, and across the adrenal glands and kidneys in the lower back. Rub it on the bottoms of feet to help combat the “doom and gloom” aspect of having cancer. A positive mind can be significant in helping a patient recover and heal.

Stress Relief Cream—the Perfect Pairing for Vitality Boost Balm


Use Vitality Boost Balm each morning to enhance your energy throughout the day. Then, apply Dr. Cole’s Stress Relief Cream at night to help your body repair the adrenals by giving you much-needed sleep.

Each all-natural ingredient in our Stress Relief Cream is chosen with care and purpose. Herbs such as California poppy, lavender, chamomile, and passion flower relax and enhance your sleep while easing anxiety, stress and insomnia. The St. John’s Wort is effective for depression and mood disorders, and is ideal for offsetting that woozy feeling chemotherapy patients experience. Simply rub the luxurious cream into the chest, the wrists, and the feet to return your body to a relaxed and peaceful state.


Together, this dynamic duo form what we call our Mood Enhancement Bundle—two exceptional products that enhance your energy and relax and calm you, making you feel hopeful and happy once again.


Get yours today!