Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication



There is a natural depression that can come about when the sun is blocked for weeks on end by the thick winter cloud cover that hovers over much of the land during March. Instead of falling prey to the ups and downs of this month, getting involved in creative projects can be an excellent solution to raising one's mood. Here are some suggestions that we have found to be helpful.

1) Be creative. Turn on the bright lights, pull out one of your art projects, and get busy playing with colors while listening to uplifting music or hanging out with other creative friends. It is much better than plopping in front of a TV and being the effect of other people's creations. Outflowing creativity, rather than relying on the creative inflow from others, is a very healthy solution to managing moods. We have seen this pull most anybody out of a March mood funk.

2) Stimulate your imagination. Catching up on backlogged reading is another activity that is a wonderful way to get through this often gloomy month. Getting lost in the many books that can stimulate imagination, activate one's mind and give one something to think about and discuss with their friends and family. Reading also improves creative writing skills as well.

3) Learn something new March can also be a great time for taking that on-line class that one has never had time for. With the often less than appealing weather outside, one is not usually distracted with the feeling like they should be outside enjoying the weather! Evolve after this month with new, life improving skills. A lot can be said for having limited choices.

4) Explore the power of music If you have ever been exposed to a piece of music that brought you out of a dark place into the light within seconds, then you know the power of music! March is a wonderful time to take advantage of this magical mood enhancer. Be it a violin concerto, or Hard Acid Rock... there will always be some musical creation out there that can take you from the depths of despair into elation very quickly.

We all have some creative activity that we can engage in to get us through the month of March. Whatever that creative outlet is for you, you will need the energy to do it. Something beyond another cup of caffeinated coffee or tea to help keep your mood up and motivation high. That is where our Dr. Cole's Vitality Balm will come in handy. Made with a plethora of Nature's ingredients that stimulate energy, applying this balm could be the perfect compliment to supporting your creative juices and your mood.

Our Vitality Herbal Balm was created by a Naturopathic doctor after 20 years of successfully working with patients suffering from adrenal fatigue and chronic stress. She discovered more effective solutions for adrenal insufficiencies by using organic and wildcrafted, non-chemical products that are not harmful to the body, yet are very effective in supporting the adrenals and boosting the immune system.