Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication


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Discovering A Replacement For Oral Pain Medication

Michelle Cline from Washinton State, had been dealing with chronic migraine headaches for most of her adult life. She was taking prescription medications which usually worked…but not always. For a while, she was getting some relief, but when she started having stressful issues with her boss, the headaches returned with a vengeance. Worse, her meds were taking nearly two hours to kick in! By then, she was in agony.

Once the signal reaches the brain, we feel the pain.

Michelle wanted to try something natural rather than a concoction of manmade chemicals. She had some trepidation, though, fearing an herbal remedy might not give her the relief she needed.

It turns out she was pleasantly surprised. When her next headache struck, Michelle applied Dr. Cole’s A.M. Pain balm to her wrists and her temples. Within minutes, her pain was gone! Michelle’s experience was indeed life-changing. She hasn’t taken a prescription pain med since 2016.

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce Dr. Cole’s all-natural pain-relieving balms and creams—designed to address your pain and give you back your quality of life. And, because they’re applied topically, they never disrupt your digestive tract, but instead enter the body through the skin. No more upset stomach or gut injuries caused by taking harsh oral pain medications.

Since then, Michelle has become a pro at knowing when to use Dr. Cole’s pain-relieving products—where to apply them, and how much to use. She typically targets her wrists and temples. But, she says, “Depending on how big or far along the migraine is, I may also apply it on my forehead, just above my eyebrows. And, if the headache seems sinus-related, I may dab some on the sinus cavities just below my eyes.”

Not having to take prescription pain meds anymore has been life-saving, and Michelle has become a real advocate for Dr. Cole’s pain remedies. Just recently, she shared some pain balm with a woman who had been suffering with terrible arthritis. She had taken prescription drugs, of course, but also had tried CBD products with minimal success. Michelle suggested the woman rub some pain balm into her hands as though it was a hand lotion. Five minutes later, the woman started to cry. She hadn’t felt such relief in years!