Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication


pain relief

What is Pain?

Pain is our body’s way of saying, “Ouch.” It results from injury, an illness, arthritis, a toe stub, a broken arm—anything where specific nerves called nociceptors (nōsē·septers) detect damage to body tissue, and then send information about that damage along the spinal cord to the brain.

Once the signal reaches the brain, we feel the pain.

The brain reacts to the pain in various ways. It may signal the body to pull away from whatever is causing the pain. It may increase the body’s heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. It may even instruct the body to release certain chemicals to counter the painful feeling. No matter what, the painful area throbs and reminds you that you something has or is damaging your body.

The human body is an amazing machine, but sometimes it needs our help in fighting certain conditions, especially those involving pain.

We’re thrilled to introduce Dr. Cole’s all-natural pain-relieving balms and creams—designed to address your pain and give you back your quality of life. And, because they’re applied topically, they never disrupt your digestive tract, but instead enter the body through the skin. No more upset stomach or gut injuries caused by taking harsh oral pain medications.