Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication


A.M. Products


Dr. Cole’s A.M. pain remedies not only address pain, they contain natural stimulants to keep you alert and productive throughout the day. The calendula, white willow, arnica, and feverfew are just some of the ingredients that help stop the pain. Feverfew also helps with fever, and is known as the “herbal aspirin.” And, the rosemary is especially good for chronic migraines and headaches. Dr. Cole’s A.M. pain remedies also contain green tea and yerba mate. Both are energizers and antioxidants, and contain natural caffeine.



P.M. Products


Dr. Cole’s P.M. pain remedies are perfect for bedtime, containing natural, relaxing ingredients as well as effective pain-relieving herbs. Feverfew and white willow work together to reduce pain, fever and inflammation. Quieting herbs, such as kava (a natural muscle relaxer), passion flower, valerian (the herbal equivalent of valium), catnip, and skullcap help relax the body and support sleep.


So, now you know the difference between the A.M. and P.M. products. But what about the balm versus the cream? Which is best to use, and when?



How to choose between the Balm and Cream


Eventually, you’ll want all four of Dr. Cole’s pain-relieving products in your collection. That’s because each is tailored for a particular use.


To understand their differences, we need to explore a little more about the particulars of pain.


Pain can be categorized as being either acute or chronic.


Acute pain comes on suddenly, typically as a result of an injury, an illness, or a medical procedure. It tends to feel sharp as opposed to a dull ache. Acute pain typically is short-lived. If it hasn’t gone away after a few days or weeks, it may become chronic.


We recommend using Dr. Cole’s pain-relieving balms for acute pain. The balms are more intense, and have longer-lasting effects.


Chronic pain often comes and goes. It might have started with an injury or illness, but may persist over months or even years if the underlying cause isn’t addressed. We recommend that people living with chronic pain use Dr. Cole’s pain-relieving creams. The creams are a bit more mild, and designed to be spread easily across a wider area and disappear into the skin.


So, if you’re living with pain of any kind—chronic or acute—there’s no reason to suffer. Try one of Dr. Cole’s all-natural and organic pain remedies today, and then let us know how you’re doing.


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