Natural Alternatives To Toxic, Oral Medication


We talked about the effectiveness of transdermal remedies to treat such ailments as motion sickness.


We want to tell you why Dr. Cole’s transdermal remedies are so effective and yet so friendly to your body.


The first transdermal drug was FDA approved in 1979. Fast forward 30 years. The FDA had been approving more and more drugs for transdermal use (smoking cessation and birth control meds among them), but herbal remedies still were the stuff of “alternative medicine,” and not getting much attention.

It was then that our founder, Dr. Janell Cole, became an early pioneer of transdermal herbal treatments.


Dr. Cole had worked with a variety of patients whose digestive tracts were in tatters after taking pain killers and other strong medicines orally. In an effort to help these patients, she focused her life’s work on formulating effective creams and balms that could enter the body through the skin.

The result is the line of Dr. Cole’s products today. Among other benefits, the medications enter the bloodstream pain-free through the skin, bypassing the digestive tract altogether. What’s more, nobody has to struggle swallowing a pill. And best of all, no sticky patches are involved, which means no painful irritations to the skin. Instead, gentle beeswax has an important role to play. (More on that next week).


Our happy customers love the therapeutic effects—the pain relief, congestion relief, constipation relief, nausea relief, nervousness relief, and so much more—from the balms and creams they enjoy, thanks to Dr. Cole’s earlier efforts. And, our customers are excited to tell us that their digestive tracts aren’t affected in the least. It’s a win-win situation, for sure!