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#32 - Ultimate Skin Repair Package

#32 - Ultimate Skin Repair Package


Contained in this package:

• Extraction Balm 2.0-oz

• Skin Repair Balm 2.0-oz

• Skin Repair Cream 3.4-oz

• Fresh Face Organix 3.4-oz

• Gourmet Body Butter 5-oz

• These products are wrapped up in a gold box with a satin ribbon and a special note telling the recipient it is from you.

If you would like to really spoil a friend or family member, send them this gift. It contains all that is needed to heal and moisturize skin naturally. The Extraction Formula has always been one of Dr. Cole's best selling products.  It extracts pimples, bug bites or rashes from the skin. The Skin Repair Formula will take it from their to calm the skin down from any irritations, sunburn or anything that causes skin to itch. The Skin Repair Cream heals the face and the neck during the night, while Fresh Face Organix is a special moisturizer that stimulates the circulation and brings skin to life anywhere that it is applied. It is a bit pricy so we use it mostly to revive the face and neck area. Of course the body butter is just that. A gourmet moisturizing treat for the whole body. Most effective when applied right after a shower or bath.


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